Welcome to Attoworld-Riyadh! The Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU), King-Saud University (KSU), and Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) joined forces to push the frontiers in ultrafast laser science and its applications. We aim to develop and utilize next generation light sources with pulse durations on the billionth of a billionth of a second, i.e. attosecond, scale. These light sources, represent an essential part of the world-class infrastructure of LAP at LMU and MPQ and shortly also in the new Attosecond Science Laboratory (ASL) in Riyadh. They permit to take snapshots of electrons vibrating to the beat of light waves. They also form the orchestra making these waves which allow us to see the world around us and observe the universe and the microcosm.

At Attoworld-Riyadh, we would like to introduce you to our collaborative research into steering and observing the motion of electrons moving near the speed of light. The control of this motion and resulting phenomena open the capabilities to revolutionize many areas of XXIst-century science and technology. On this website, we provide you with insight into our collaboration, visions, ongoing work in our laboratories and introduce our team. We are seeking for talented students and postdocs to join in on our team and mission. We wish you an inspiring visit to Attoworld-Riyadh!

Ferenc Krausz and Abdallah Azzeer