research areas

next-generation intense laser sources

Intense few-cycle laser pulses at unparallelled power levels and high repetition rates will open unprecedented research opportunities for the exploration and control of electron dynamics in atomic, molecular, as well as solid state systems, among others by increasing the photon energy of attosecond pulses towards the kiloelectronvolt frontier and possibly beyond.

lightwave nanoelectronics

The resultant nanometer- or sub-nanometer-wavelength flashes of attosecond light, developed in research area 1 afford promise for providing insight into the working of a wide range of ever more complex nanosystems in real time. This opens access to fundamental processes which dictate charge transport in condensed matter, and opens pathways towards solid-state nanoelectronics and ultrafast logic operations performing at lightwave frequencies using functional nanosystems begin developed at KAIN.

photonic reagents for the control of chemical processes

The waveform of ultrashort light pulses, synthesized from broadband continua, comprise a new photonic reagent for steering chemical processes. With the intense ultrashort light flashes developed within research area 1 coupled electron-nuclear dynamics in molecules can be controlled and traced in real-time. The interplay between electronic and nuclear motion is at the heart of chemical reactions and its control opens new pathways for the synthesis of chemical products that are of relevance for e.g. the oil industry.

medical diagnosis

We aim to develop photonic technology for the fast on-line diagnosis of diseases through e.g. breath analysis. The potential to measure a patient’s breath spectrum in a few seconds and in this way allow without delay the comparison of the patient’s breath profile with that of a control group. Noninvasive fast medical diagnostics is an exciting goal, when compared to many current medical diagnostic methods, which need histology and other types of invasive procedures. On the contrary, the exhaled air is a natural process and eventually it can bring information about the metabolism of the whole body.